About Us

Garden of Francis and the Montessori Keys as a whole is a small home-based business - the result of our family's goal to truly live life together, homeschooling and living out our faith.

We believe in modesty, simplicity and beauty for both boys and girls. We strive for our products to live up to this expectation in serving your own families, friends and parish communities.

Mom has:
*AMI Montessori training at both primary (2-6) and elementary (6-12) levels; and experience teaching in both schools and at home. 
*Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training at all three levels (ages 3-12+) with experience at all three levels - CGS National Association recognized formation leader for CGS formation courses
*Bachelor's of Arts in Catholic Theology
*Associate's in Child Development
*Bachelor minors in business administration and child development

Montessori education comprises the majority of our homeschooling adventure, both academically and spiritually. Visit Montessori Trails to find out more about how we live out Montessori in our home.

Keys of the Universe Montessori for elementary children and Keys of the World Montessori for primary (ages 2 1/2-6) children are born from our own experience as a Montessori family as well as with other families seeking to incorporate Montessori principles in their homes. 

We love to laugh and enjoy one another's company, while living and learning together, growing always in the Light that is Christ. Our prayer is that your homes will be equally as blessed.

Keys of the World: Dr. Maria Montessori called the sensorial materials of the primary age: Keys to the world. Indeed all of the materials and experiences at this age give the world to the children in a form that opens doors of exploration and discovery: Keys. 

Keys of the Universe: At elementary, with cosmic education, we provide the children keys to explore the entire universe. Everything is given to the child at this age. 

Garden of Francis: St. Francis' life is a model of simplicity and purity; those saints who followed him are said to be in his garden. St. Francis loved, respected and cared for all of God's creation - every thing that God gave us as a *gift*.

The Shepherd and the Vine: This site highlights our faith formation offerings and will be the home of our homeschooling guide "The Shepherd and the Vine" which will serve as the foundation for an upcoming RCIA resource. 

Our hope is that our home lives can follow this model of grace and we strive to keep our business flowing from that same grace.

February 2018 through Summer 2019 - ALL material orders will be created and begin shipping in August of 2019. You may place your order at time before that.