Elementary Montessori Mentor & Albums



Elementary Montessori online mentor – including albums, video lessons, support and an optional certificate of Montessori study for everyone working with the age 6-12 years old elementary child: homeschool, classroom school teachers, assistants, aides, parents, Montessori school employees, elementary curriculum specialists and more – at home or in schools – for children ages 6-12 (and a bit higher). The albums contain what some call the Montessori curriculum; this curriculum is fulfilled by following the needs and interests of the child before you. The albums are a map, you are the tour guide, and your child chooses the destination. The mentor is there for every step that YOU want, that YOU need.

Cosmic Education: Explore the cosmos with Montessori cosmic education – learn how to use all those Montessori timelines and elementary Montessori math materials, delve into our home, the earth and reach into the stars. Elementary Montessori children explore life both past and present while gaining the skills they need for the future – all while living NOW.

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