Elementary Albums

Benefits of AMI-style Albums & Mentor for Elementary Montessori:

  • Albums are Keys-Based – providing the keys for every child, opening doors of exploration for every child to explore their own interests – they have TIME and they have SPACE to explore their universe; no being tied to just one source for your experiences and resources – children at home in all environments and learning areas. The child truly learns how to learn. 
  • Montessori Elementary Albums include the complete elementary Montessori curriculum (framework):
    • Lower elementary and upper elementary (6-12 continuum; used for both 6-9 and 9-12)
    • Introduces the Erdkinder Montessori for adolescents 12-15
  • Elementary Montessori albums include mathematics, geometry, language and literature, geography (geology, functional and economic geography, some physics), biology (botany, zoology, human health), music, art, history, astronomy,  and theory & background. Download and print the albums; they are also stored online for ease of access.
  • Designed for homeschool and classroom use – modified by an AMI Montessori-trained homeschooling mom (the mentor) who uses Montessori elementary at home with her own child right now. Whether classroom or homeschooling, these videos and albums provide the depth of the Montessori materials while focusing on the “keys to the universe.”
  • Keys of the Universe Elementary albums do not just tell you how to use the materials, they provide the background, the theory, the references to Montessori’s own work. Keys of the Universe albums are a strong component of the “preparation of the adult” – preparing you to guide your children and follow their needs and interests with confidence.

Elementary Albums - Mathematics
Elementary Albums - Music
Elementary Albums - Theory
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